Yahoo! Mail Users to Get Less Spam Emails

I use Yahoo! Mail and get lots of spam emails in my inbox. Then I upgraded to Yahoo! Mail Plus, and though the spam is less, I would like it to be lesser. Yahoo! is now tightening up spam controls and have begun rolling out a significant new defense system….

Yahoo! mail “Spam Czar” has announced

Starting today, we will be taking the bold move of rejecting mail from these zombie computers, using information from a number of third-party companies and ISPs to help in the identification. When these unauthorized computers attempt a connection to our back-end mail servers, theyll be politely informed that their unsolicited mail is not welcome at Yahoo!. (This change is on the back-end only; users connecting through the Classic or All-New Yahoo! Mail web interfaces will not be blocked by this change.)

Now hopefully zombie computers that send out millions of spam messages every day will be blocked. This is welcome news and I hope to see less of spam emails in my inbox and better email filtering to the Bulk Folder instead.

I switched my primary account to Gmail a few years back, when a friend passed along a premium gmail invite and I have observed that Gmail has a more spam free inbox than Yahoo Mail. Maybe its because of the superior Gmail Spam Fighting Technology.

You can upgrade your Yahoo mail to Yahoo! Mail Plus and get even fewer unwanted mails with SpamGuard Plus. Also get no graphical ads, offline access (with POP) and mail forwarding and more capacity with larger attachments.

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