Apple iPod Shuffle Gets Cheaper, 2GB Storage

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iPod ShuffleThe Apple iPod Shuffle is a sleek personal music player, with no navigation screen like the best selling iPod Nano. Apple decided to fix two limitations which were hampering sales of the iPod Shuffle – its price and its storage capacity.

Apple announced that its they had reduced the price of iPod shuffle from $79 to $49, thus, making it more affordable to music lovers worldwide. The aggressive pricing now brings the iPod Shuffle in direct competition with mp3 players of other music player manufacturers. Why buy any other mp3 player, when you can show off your style statement with an iPod Shuffle.

Another major limitation was the small storage capacity of 1GB. In a brilliant move, they launched a 2GB iPod Shuffle at $69. This gives another option to music lovers whose never ending mp3 collection would fill up all storage space in the smaller 1 GB Shuffle.

This is the best time to buy an iPod Shuffle… pity the offers came after Valentine’s day.

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