Social Wallpapering to Find Best Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

How do you find the best wallpapers to fit your Desktop Backgrounds? One option is to search around these best images search engines, the other is to help the community rank and vote the best wallpapers for your to download. Welcome to Social Wallpapering….

Social Wallpapering engages the community to classify, rank, and distribute high-resolution images for use as computer desktop backgrounds. The supported desktop resolutions include a variety of wallpaper sizes over a minimum width and height of 1280×720 pixels. Social Wallpapering is an attempt to create the greatest high-resolution wallpaper resource.

You can upload your own image and get them rated. They must be jpg, jpeg, gif, or bmp and under 3MB with a resolution of at least 1280×720 and of course must be “safe for work”. Its great that you can vote without registration, but I hope they can keep the spammers and automated clickers away.

It would be a challenge for them to prevent copyrighted images and rights protected work from appearing in the results. They need to get in more moderators from the active community to get the best out of Social Wallpapering.

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