Is Your Web Hosting Green?

Have you wondered how green your web hosting is? Web servers use electricity, the more popular your site the more electricity is used, and your website can have a major impact on the environment. Today is Earth Day, so I urge you to check the efforts of your webhosting provider towards a greener future.

Dreamhost Green Sites

Our site is hosted on Dreamhost and I appreciate their effort towards offering their customers a Green Hosting. In fact Dreamhost is a Carbon Neutral company and is taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

The most effective approach begins with resource conservation: turning off the lights, reducing travel, printing on both sides of the page. Efforts are being ramped up here daily to do what we do with less. The next step is to use clean, renewable energy. Without the option to put up solar panels or connect with a green power utility for us this means purchasing Renewable Energy Credits. Finally, to neutralize those unavoidable emissions weve invested in Emission Reduction Credits (a.k.a. offsets) which guarantee our remaining impact is effectively erased.

Dreamhost went Green last year –

Putting a price on carbon output is just one way to help make the world a better place. Its a first step towards true energy sustainability. Organizations large and small are constantly working on reducing their environmental emissions to meet government-imposed (and self-imposed) emissions caps. When they do so a neutral third party then steps in to verify the reduction and issues what are known as emission reduction credits.

Companies like DreamHost can purchase these credits which are then immediately retired on their behalf. This effectively takes them off the market and the money goes toward funding further emission reduction projects.

Green Office Offsets allow customers of to go carbon neutral through investment in a portfolio of emission reduction and renewable energy credits. View the Dreamhost Certificate of Carbon Neutralization.

Is your web hosting green? Of course there are more reasons I like Dreamhost.


  1. Siddharth says:

    The big enterprises should go carbon neutral or green as they can because half of the responsibility to make earth pollution free is there. Of course the other half come from citizens like us. I think Dream hosting is a taken a good step as a big web host.

  2. BobO says:

    As far as I was able to find there is only one real green data center in the country. That is where I put my small green hosting company. We have fast servers but not a lot of frills. No sales talk just wanted to let you know that there are other options, real solar powered/carbon neutral options out there.

  3. David Herron says:

    I’ve been using Dreamhost for a couple years and while there are several good things about them I’m rather displeased over one thing. My websites hosted with them had bad performance, that is until I “upgraded” to dreamhostps (which has crashed twice on me). Bad website performance means your visitors are turned off and may go away. The performance since moving to dreamhostps is much better.

    In any case I really like that there is a wave of interest in green web hosting. I’ve made a comprehensive list of Green Web Hosting providers that I hope is useful in evaluating the choices.

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