New 2×2 Square Google Adsense Ad Units

Today I saw a strange new Adsense unit on our blog. Our single posts feature a 336x280px Google adsense unit below the title, and instead of the usual 4 text links and descriptions aligned one below the other, the 4 text links were arranged in a 2×2 box pattern.

Filling up ad space using 2×2 ad units is common practice to get more clicks. Many webmasters used to place two 468x60px banner units one above the other or use two 200x200px units side by side to get the same effect of displaying 2×2 boxes of 4 ads together which is a good optimization of ad space. Probably Google is running a test run to see how these ads are clicked.

BTW those arrows are ‘next’ and ‘previous’ arrow buttons – When a user clicks on the ‘next’ button, an entirely new group of ads will appear in the ad unit, giving your users greater control over the ads they see and click.

We have spotted strange Google Adsense ads before also – You can check out are ads with favicons, no titles, titles in italics and no Ads by Google and interactive keywords.


  1. Davinder says:

    Google love to surprise. Such adsense unit made debut on my blog long time back on December 19, 2007 ;)

    Check here…

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I guess they are not so new after all. ;-)
    But I have seen them for the first time. Maybe Google is displaying more such units now. Has anyone seen these units before?

  3. dhingana says:

    ahh…this is interesting…2×2 ads is hot specially on blogs…it would be very interesting when they start displaying 2×2 display ads

  4. stefen says:

    Its great that google add more variation on banner size. Even so, I think 22 box pattern are too large for a blog ads thou.

  5. mxyzplk says:

    its really interesting… I hope I can find an article for how to put your ads like this..

  6. Perla Tuck says:

    This is a good piece, I was wondering if I could use this piece of content on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away.

  7. Sofia says:

    I think it is great Google has given it’s advertisers different formats to publish Adsense with. Often times, I am looking for the most effective ad campaign that is new and fresh – this just adds to my arsenal. Great info!

  8. Mdu DateSheet says:

    good to see

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