Who is the Next Mahalo VLOGIdol?

Mahalo VLOGIdol is a competition to find the new host for Mahalo Daily, an incredible show hosted by Veronica Belmont who moving to Revision3 as the new co-host of Tekzilla with Patrick Norton. Mahalo is busy finding the next Daily Mahalo hostess and the finalists for the Mahalo VLOGIdol are out.

The search for a smart, fun, young, charismatic, female host for Mahalo Daily has to led to 12 Finalists who will fight out to become the famous Mahalo Daily host. Here are the Mahalo VLOGIdol Finalists photos, some audition videos and some teasers below.

Mahalo bids farewell to Veronica Belmont

Jason Calacanis says Veronica has left the building and Mahalo Daily is lost and adrift, and starting Monday, they will air the search for the new host of Mahalo Daily. Keep tracking the search for the Next Mahalo VLOGIdol?

3 comments on “Who is the Next Mahalo VLOGIdol?

  1. Syahid A. says:

    Man, we will miss Veronica at Mahalo.

  2. sqlhosting says:

    Is it true that Mahalo pays for searches?

  3. Siddharth says:

    May be they will find the new hostess soon!!!

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