RSS Awareness Day on May 1

How many people are aware of what RSS is? If you asked someone in India, he would probably tell you it is short for Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a political organization in India. There are many more meanings for RSS, but few know that RSS is the best way to track latest content from your favorite websites without having to visit them.

The RSS Awareness Day plans to get the general public exposed to the RSS format, which will increase the usage of RSS feeds and related applications among Internet users. To get involved, on May 1st write a post or article on your website about RSS, with a mention that it is the RSS Awareness Day and link to some RSS resources and how your readers can make the most out of RSS.

Once you subscribe to a particular RSS feed, you will automatically receive updates from the website that publishes the feed, whenever they release new content. Have you subscribed our RSS feed.

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