Digg Townhall Webcast: Call for Topics

The next Digg Townhall Webcast is planned for Monday night (May 12th) at 8pm EDT (5pm PDT) and Jay and Kevin are calling for questions for the next virtual Townhall. The quarterly hosting Townhall Meetings with Kevin and Jay are webcast live and archived later.

They have started a Digg thread where Digg users are voting for topics. If you ‘sort by most Diggs’, you get the most voted ideas for the Townhall. The most voted ideas right now suggest –

“The decline of tech related stories that hit the front page. One thing that I would LOVE to see is a site filter. Meaning, if an article is from xyzsite.com, you can block it from your view completely. I’ve seen enough Huffington Post stories for a lifetime.” – 148 Diggs

“Most of the time the main front page is all about Obama. I myself don’t mind hearing about the man, but Digg use to have easily-accessible-information that was useful to me. Now it’s all about what political cause is most represented here. Is anything going to be done to finally obliterate the mob-mentality that seems to have risen to completely dominate digg?” -121 Diggs

I vote for more tech stories on Digg, but the algorithm change favors diversity on the front page to make it more difficult to cheat Digg. It would be interesting to see what top Digg users vote for. Anyway here are videos of the first Digg Townhall webcast.

Digg is also planning in-person meet-ups in various cities, where you can meet and chat with Digg crew . Join the Digg crew at Studio B in Brooklyn, New York City (map) on June 4 where they will be filming a live Diggnation and celebrating Internet Week.

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