Download Adobe Flash Player 10

Adobe Labs has released Adobe Flash Player 10, code-named Astro, that introduces new expressive features and visual performance improvements that will allow designers and developers to build the richest and most immersive Web experiences.

Get Adobe Flash Player 10

Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash Player is a high-performance, lightweight, highly expressive client runtime that delivers powerful user experiences across major operating systems, browsers, mobile phones, devices and allows you to enjoy the interactive, rich content with video, graphics and animation. You can also download the currently final version of Adobe Flash Player 9. Probably you already have it installed, as your browser would have prompted you to get flash player on select flash content enabled sites.

Some amazing new features of Adobe Flash Player 10 are – 3D Effects – Transform and animate any display object through 3D space; Custom Filters and Effects to create your own portable filters, blend modes, and fills using Adobe Pixel Bender; Advanced Text Layout, a new, highly flexible text layout engine; Enhanced Drawing API for easier runtime drawing and more powerful with re-styleable properties; and Visual Performance Improvements such that applications and videos will run smoother and faster with expanded use of hardware acceleration.

Here are the release notes. Remember Adobe Flash Player 10 is a prerelease software for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms and is available for developers and consumers to test their content output quality and compatibility issues. The prerelease installers are available only in English. Flash Player 10 no longer supports Mac OS X version 10.1 and Ubuntu support has been added. Users should uninstall any previously installed Flash Player before installing the beta.

Download Flash Player 10 today and experience the difference.

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