Google Website Workout to Increase Sales, Leads, Signups

Do you want a group of Google professionals to optimize your website and improve its ROI leading to more sales, leads, and sign ups. The Google Website Workout is an opportunity that will let a bunch of consultants work with you to discover ways in which you can increase site performance.

Google plans to help a few businesses only to improve the web page design, colors, graphics, and text that will drive the most business from these sites. They will use the Google Website Optimizer, a free website checking tool for testing your site content and deliver actionable results. Moreover, your business will be featured in a Google video case study to be released on the Google Website Optimizer site in the fall of 2008. See the rules.

Don’t be surprised if you see experimental pages during the testing period; someone is working hard to improve your site design. Contest ends on June 17th. Enter now to fine tune your website and increase your business.

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