Vollee Streams Second Life on Mobile Phones

Want to fly around the virtual world Second Life streaming on your mobile phone. Now you can try the Vollee SecondLife beta, a free tool that lets you access Second Life on mobile devices whenever and wherever you want to.

Since Vollee requires high speed connections, you need a 3G or WiFi enabled phone and currently over 40 handsets are compatible with their service. Now you can fly or Teleport yourself anywhere in SecondLife and see when your friends are online and Chat or IM.

Start by selecting your handset manufacturer to download Vollee client. Submit your information to receive a text message on your mobile device containing a link to download the Vollee Player. The Vollee client will stream data and images in real-time to your mobile phone.

Vollee is already changing the face of mobile gaming on 3G mobile phones. Now they let you stay connected with Second Life on the move even in First Life!

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Hi, i have also red this and checked Vollees website. But they have not updated the site since 2007. Does anyone know if the list of the phones is updated. I guess that the newer versions of the phones is prepared too. Do you know for ex, if Nokia N95 8gb is compatible or LGKU 990 Viewty?


Hi please send me vollee client second life app for n95 i am using gprs of airtel.


I can’t find the client. Does it work for the 8330 curve? Any help would be great. Thx


I have a Samsung mobile phone. Is there an app for Second Life so I can stream it on my phone?