12Seconds: The Video Twitter

Just as Twitter is tweeting short text, 12seconds is the twitter for video. 12seconds.tv allows you to record and share 12 second short video updates about what you are doing or where you are using a webcam or a cellphone.

Here is what these 12 Second videos look like.

Why 12? on 12seconds.tv

They read you mind and explain why 12seconds?

Because anything longer is boring. The scientists here at the 12seconds dodecaplex have conducted countless hours of research to determine the precise amount of time it takes for boredom or apathy to set in during typical Internet video viewing. Our patent pending Electro-Tear-Duct Prongers have determined that exactly 12 seconds of video is the ideal amount of time to keep anything interesting.

Currently 12seconds.tv is in private alpha (aka don’t mind the bugs!), but you can request an invite. Techcrunch has some more invites to give out. I tried both, but it seems the queue is too long…

140 characters on Twitter or a 12 Seconds videoclip? How much do you need to get the message across.

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