Apple iPhone 3G Pricing Plans

AT&T has announced iPhone 3G pricing plans for new and existing AT&T customers as the iPhone 3G prepares for sale at AT&T retail stores from July 11, 2008. There are some good deals to look out for, but do check the fine print to find the iphone tariff plan that works for you.

Apple has earlier informed that iPhone 3G will be priced for $199 (8GB model) and $299 (16GB model). Now these prices require two-year contracts and are available to iPhone customers who purchased before July 11, customers activating a new line with AT&T and current AT&T customers who are eligible, at the time of purchase, for an upgrade discount. Existing AT&T customers who are not currently eligible for an upgrade discount can purchase iPhone 3G for $399 for the 8GB model or $499 for the 16GB model for a new two-year service agreement. Check more pricing details here.

They introduce many Voice, Data and Text Messaging Plans also.

* AT&T NationSM Unlimited: Includes unlimited Anytime Minutes for $129.99 a month.
* AT&T Nation 1350: Includes 1350 Anytime Minutes and unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes for $109.99 a month.
* AT&T Nation 900: Includes 900 Anytime Minutes and unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes for $89.99 a month.
* AT&T Nation 450: Includes 450 Anytime Minutes and 5,000 Night & Weekend Minutes for $69.99 a month.

With Apple iPhone coming to India on Vodafone and Airtel, I wonder what pricing plans they will implement. Vodafone has already started pre-registration of Apple iPhone in India.


  1. benjamin says:

    PC, did you read this article on ET

  2. Czar says:

    Wow! It seems like “all the roads are paved” for the release of iPhone 3G. AT&T is a good telecommunication provider so, I have no reactions about the pricing. It’s reasonable, isn’t it?.

  3. nazy says:

    i need to know the price Apple iPhone 8gb.

  4. Shina says:

    I need to buy 3G iphone 8GB What Will I do To buy iphone ?

  5. zeeshan anwar says:

    i want purchase aapple 3gi from us (US cost).can some dealer access it to me.

  6. dhiraj amin says:

    can i buy a iphone frm U.S based price or a australian based price coz if u compare their prices it comes up 2 4300 rs = $99u.s..this comparision is much higher than the rate in whch we get it in india whch is 31000 fr a 8gb one…?cn ny one help me wid this confusion…

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