Propeller 2.0 in New Avatar

Propeller is relaunched in a new avatar. The new Propeller is easier, faster, more fun, and is now powered with a new design, new technology and new features.

Check out the new changes and you will first notice the Propeller mascot – who is part professor, part citizen journalist, beckons all to visit Propeller. New Ranking Scale shows a Popularity Rating from 1-10, instead of number of votes. Vote it is now replaced by Prop it!. The Propeller Tracker is renamed This Just In. You can now create and join Groups and they will feature select members and groups on the homepage. Categories have been reduced into broadly Arts & Entertainment, Business & Finance, Family, Humor, News, Science & Technology, Sports and Style.

Historically Netscape portal had started this site in 2006, and offered $1000 per month to top users of popular social bookmarking services like Reddit, NewsVine, Delicious, and Digg to switch as paid bookmarkers on Netscape. So they got their first 10 Netscape navigators and them more navigators. Then eventually Netscape moved the platform to Propeller.

Submit your story to Propeller and watch the traffic roll in, because Propeller stories are now featured on the front page of AOL News and it could create something like a Yahoo Buzz effect for your site if it works the right way. What do you think about the new design?

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