Introducing QuickPress WordPress Theme

We are happy to launch QuickPress, a 3-column, widget-ready, SEO-optimized, Ad-ready, compatible wordpress theme which is useful for all types of bloggers. The premium theme is released free of cost, with all the wordpress goodness packed inside.


See the Live Demo and check out the theme for yourself. Some of the key features are –

3-Columns – three column template to fit in lots of content. Easily switch between 2-columns or 3 columns by tweaking the sidebars.

Widget Ready – Two widget ready sidebars are installed and can be loaded with as many widgets as you can fit in.

SEO optimized – to fetch higher search engine ranking for your articles.

Ad Ready – The template files have commented areas where new bloggers can easily ad Adsense codes, banners, etc.

Top navigation – Your own set of links or featured articles at the top of the page.

Valid XHTML and CSS checked. Spam Free. Compatible and tested for plugin support and browser issues.

Visit the QuickPress theme page for more information and download the theme.

PS. After years of tweaking wordpress designs, this is our first effort to design a wordpress theme. WordPress 2.6 lets you preview the theme on your site before going live. Give it a try, and I hope you like it. Your feedback is most welcome to improve this theme.

8 comments on “Introducing QuickPress WordPress Theme

  1. Rahul Bansal says:

    Hi Pchere,
    Thanks for QuickPress. Its really amazing and very close to what I want my next theme to be.
    Just one suggestion..
    in style.css, for #topbar width is set to 100%. I think it should be changed to 99%.
    This is to prevent browsers horizontal scroll bar showing up. :-)

  2. Blogs DNA says:

    Great Theme, and Thanks for keeping it free :)

  3. web about money says:

    good theme,I will write in my blog!

  4. albert says:

    Superb theme. Fast loading.

    I like this theme…

    But I need the sidebar must have 160 pixel width.

  5. QuickOnlineTips says:

    [email protected] – Thanks for the tip. I will make it 99% ASAP.

    Blogs DNA – We all like free stuff. If wordpress can be free, so should the themes.

    Albert – the sidebars are 160px.

  6. km says:

    Nice Theme, something like upgrade version of wordpress default theme with adsense and SEO ready. Very useful for novice blogger

  7. DjFlush says:

    Don’t be surprised PC if you see this theme soon on Sizlopedia :)

  8. albert says:

    The sidebars are 160px is ok.

    and Two more suggestions:

    1. In the header section, you can add 468*60 banner placement. and the search box can be placed in after the sidebar. (For advertisements.)

    2. The narrowcolumn class contains 470px. You can change the theme for 1024 px to enable the theme as CMS portal. So it can occupy 540px or 520px. Better for Video Blogging.

    This is my suggestions. and the theme have professional look.


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