Blogger Starts Following Followers

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Google Blogger has started a following feature and now there is a new widget to add to your blogs to show off the number of followers you have. As Google gradually rolls out the feature, your blogging activities are getting more integrated.

By following your blog, your readers tell the world they’re a fan of your blog. Your Dashboard will show how many followers your blogs has and with a click on the Followers icon, you can browse your followers, see what blogs they write, and read the other blogs they’re following. I have been using this feature in Tumblr (which hosts our photoblog), but this is on a much larger scale.

You can show off your followers by adding the Followers gadget to your blog’s sidebar. From the “Layout | Page Elements” tab, click “Add a Gadget” and select “Followers” from the gadgets list. Its also integrated with Google Reader, and you can now see a special folder in Reader called “Blogs I’m Following” with subscriptions for all of the blogs you follow!

Well I dont’ see the feature activated on my dashboard yet, but they assure us that the Following feature is being rolled out to all over the next few weeks…