Microsoft Live Search Webmaster Tools Out of Beta

Microsoft Live Search Webmaster Center provides another set of tools for webmasters to tweak how Live Search crawls and indexes your website and SEO your site for best results to get higher search engine rankings. The Microsoft Live Search Webmaster Tools just went out of beta and added a few new features.

Webmaster Center now has more information about how Live Search is crawling and indexing your sites, as well as a few features to make the data more actionable. Here are some new features.

  • Crawl Issues will allow webmasters to find issues they encountered while crawling your site like File Not Found (404), Blocked by REP, Long Dynamic URLs or Unsupported Content-Types
  • Better backlink data – with access to more information about referring links, which is useful as they influence the rank of a site.
  • New report – with advanced filters and downloadable data sheets.

Sign up easily for Live Search Webmaster Center using a Windows Live ID (even gmail can be used to create one), add and verify your site and check out how Live Search is indexing your site and identify SEO issues hampering your search engine rankings.

Webmasters also need to access Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! Site Explorer to identify any search engine issues and optimize their site to get more site traffic. Search engines are your friends, know them better by using these tools.

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