Buy Legally Unlocked iPhone 3G in Hong Kong

When you buy an iPhone, Apple ties up the iPhone 3G to a local telecom provider. But when you buy iPhone 3G through the Hong Kong Online Apple Store, you officially and legally get an unlocked iPhone which you can use with any operator.

IphoneVisit the Hong Kong Apple Store online and you can check out the iPhone Prices there. The 8GB (white) retails for $5400 ($692 USD), and the 16GB iPhone (black and white) retails for $6200 ($794 USD). And the fine print reads that it “can be activated with any wireless carrier“.

Iphone Unlocked

Now Hong Kong mobile users need not be tied up with any official partner telecom carriers, and they can choose the operator of their choice. No more visits to the gray market to buy illegally jailbroken unlocked iPhones. I think it is a good step by Apple to give choice to mobile users to choose the operator of their choice. It should boost sales for the iPhone.


  1. tony dee says:

    What kinda warranty on parts and service do you think i can get on one of those things from china.

  2. aHfUi says:

    Get it in SG lah
    no need go to HK anymore.

  3. Wallace says:

    i come from HK and it’s quite expensive for around USD$700. lol

  4. MAJ says:

    it ships to HK only….:-(!!

  5. poirot says:

    can you insert a sim card sync it with itunes take off the sim card and and use another one???

  6. simmy says:

    Vodafone sell them in Italy, would they work on Vodafone when you got back to the UK?

  7. coach says:

    the price is so high…..

  8. Rocio says:

    I need the chargers only. canI get from you. and How much?

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