Google Project 10^100 Calls for Ideas

Google has launched the Project 10100 (“Project 10 to the 100th”) to mark their 10th birthday; a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.

You simply fill out the submission form with your idea (maybe add a 30-second video too), then voting starts on January 27th, they post a selection of one hundred ideas, open for a public vote to choose twenty semi-finalists. Then an advisory board will select up to five final ideas. And Google will bring these ideas to life by committing $10 million to implement these projects.

Submit your ideas to help the world by October 20, 2008. CNN will be covering this project, including profiles of ideas and the people who submit them from around the world.

Just in case you are wondering why the name 10100? It is another way of expressing the number “googol,” a one followed by one hundred zeroes, from which Google gets its name.


  1. says:

    I think Goggle’s action is focused on simple solutions that anyone can come up with. Millions of ideas will be rejected, the beauty of the project lies in that it will cause masses to think creatively toward a better standard of life for all.

  2. Carlos G.A. Cortes says:

    I have a short document that I would like to attach. Can I do so?

  3. Michelene Benson says:

    Do you value your idea enough to get it off the shelf? Well then, strengthen your chances of changing the world by visiting and sharing your idea with this enthusiastic bunch at
    There is strength in numbers – so let’s put our great ideas together, create a superb proposal and Change the World!!

  4. Jonathan Barry says:

    I think that this is a great contest.

    I have submitted my idea. My idea deals with creating a more incentive-driven health system. Think about it: wouldn’t you like to get paid for being healthy or be able to “trade” your health to other less healthy family members or friends. Sound interesting…then find out more at the URL website below (by clicking my name “Jonathan Barry”).

    Also, full details can be found at

  5. Babu Rao Basala,Guntur says:

    This Project is a right channel to innovative wise ideas which hither to could not see the light. Many fresh new thoughts cruise in the minds of intellectuals, so our society is not in dearth of any thing useful to well being and betterment of human beings. Its a good opportunity to know of the better ideas which could change the redundant lethargic life on this earth, if we are sincere & pragmatic. You,Google like a big brother, drive this entire humanity to a safe, secure, happy & peaceful place, from this turbulent insecure land.

  6. Aikin says:

    And what about inventors? Of course they will not get anything … oh yes sorry there is “good karma” :).
    Maybe this is good way to get (read – steal) creative ideas and make lots of monay, and still you do not need to think about patent rights and idea ownership.
    If Google relay wants to help World he will do much more then “give” 10M$ which are, to express my self better not given, but invested.
    It would be same thing if i say to someone “I will buy you a car, but you can not drive it, and I will not give you a car, but instead i will drive them for you and have them.
    It is totaly communistic.

  7. Lin Chang says:

    Google collected 150,000 ideas. Unfortunately only 100 of these ideas will be announced on January 27th, 2009.

    To make sure your idea could be seen, you can publish it on

  8. Alessandro says:

    If you do something that is social good you become a Gcredit shareholder earning a gcredit that is a dividend of the 10 million dollar ! check the gcredit project on :)

  9. R says:

    Hi Friends,
    Im happy to inform you that my idea “Virtual World” is selected.
    Now it needs your vote to be implemented.
    Please vote for it and help to make it real.

    Please refer your friends to vote.
    Thank you!

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