Easily Add Photo Slideshow Widgets to Photoblogs

How can you add a photo slideshow widget to display the latest pictures from your photoblog, such that each photo clickthroughs to the image post. Wowzio is a cool service which lets you add multiple widgets displaying slideshows of your blog images.

Simply enter the RSS feed url of your photoblog and Wowzio will create a set of 6 different widgets displaying the images from each post and linking them to the post url. Of course these widgets will work on any blog, but since it gathers images from the feed, photoblogs will find it particularly useful.

We tried Wowzio on our Photoblog and it generated these 6 widgets, including some tag clouds and feed headlines. Now we can customise each widget to suit our needs of size, autoplay, colors, play speed etc. Here are 2 examples below and you can also see the slideshow widget at work on our front page.

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