Stumbleupon Bans Entrecard

I was trying to Stumble this nice article posted on the Entrecard blog titled Blogger Designer’s Toolbox, which lists some useful Resources for Customizing Blogger Templates, but was surprised to see that Stumbleupon had banned the site.

The stumbleupon url redirects to and here is the message you get


I checked the Entrecard main site and several other urls, and it seems the entire domain has been blocked. I really don’t know why and when they banned the site. But the Entrecard blog provides some great articles and I would really like to see the Entrecard blog unbanned so users can Stumble some great content out there.

Entrecard had lately changed the Pricing Algorithm to stop the card dropping game and recently also updated the quality standards to give a better user experience to Entrecard users.


  1. GanaTalk says:


    This is the Business secret. We must understand these type of activity from competitors. Because they are trying to avoid competitors from web 2.0 world.

    Right now Entrecard have good Rules to avoid spam. I thank Graham Langdon for his Free Service in


  2. 100kjob says:

    interesting to know this, yet can’t see any reason behind the ban either

  3. Tinh says:

    It is a sad news as Problogger has been banned once but it is ok now. I hope entrecard can be unbanned soon. T

  4. Tinh says:

    I think it has same problem with Problogger previously, hope everything is ok soon

  5. Graham Langdon says:

    so many thousands of bloggers stumbled us they thought we were cheating. what a bummer

  6. Samantha says:

    Entrecard was banned from StumpleUpon because people were selling stumples in the Entrecard marketplace.

    Basically people were stumbling sites in exchange for entrecard credits and stumble upon said that this was against their rules and banned their site.

    It may be unbanned now tha Graham has removed the marketplace.

  7. Graham Langdon says:

    either that or they saw us as comp. but it happened before we released our toolbar so…

  8. Jarret Morrow says:

    Well, I think that Graham is probably right. Both Stumble Upon and Entrecard serve the same basic purpose of increasing web traffic. However, Entrecard does limit its scope to blogs.

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