Download Google Earth App for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Now you can carry the earth in your pocket! Google has released the Google Earth App for Apple iPhone and iPod touch, which lets you run the amazing technology in the palm of your hand.

The functionality of the iPhone and iPod touch enable you to browse Google Earth in more ways. Swipe your finger across the screen and fly across the globe, tilt your phone to tilt your view and easily pinch to zoom in or out, or just double tap with one finger to zoom in and two fingers to zoom out. The My Location feature lets you fly to where you are in the real world right now.

Just like with Google Maps, its easy to search for places, businesses, and landmarks. Google Earth also prvides full details for businesses, with reviews, photos, user content, business hours, and other useful information. The “search near me” feature lets you find businesses near your location.

Visit the App Store in iTunes on your iPhone, and search for “Google Earth.”, then download the Google Earth App. Feel the earth in your palm!

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