Microsoft Testing Instant On: Quick Windows Start Up

My Microsoft Windows Vista has a long start up time after rebooting. I always wondered if I could instantly turn on Windows and start working on my Computer. It seems the Microsoft guys read my mind.

Engadget reports that Microsoft is surveying a select group of users about what they think about the Instant On Windows feature. The survey is asking the readers…

“Instant On takes your computer from being completely powered down or “turned off” to being usable for a few specific activities is a very short amount of time. Instant On experience is different from ‘Full Windows’ because it limits what activities you can do and what applications you have access to.”

Windows Instant On Survey

I would really welcome this feature. It would be great if Windows would let me perform some frequently used tasks and activities and continue to load in the background for as long as it likes. It would be interesting if Windows 7 will have this feature. Meanwhile do you know how to shut down Windows XP in one click.


  1. Mouseclone says:

    If hybrid drives were here and now, you could just about have your wish. I think that Windows would have to make less use of disk swapping to be able to get this done, or use a SSD drive.

  2. Transcontinental says:

    What I wonder is how “instant” applications would deal with security issues, network being active. I’m not fond of hybrid solutions regarding network computing …

  3. The Windows Fix says:

    I hope that Microsoft can come up with some type of instant On capability. It would give them a huge boost.

  4. uking says:

    there is a long way MS has to go if they want to get the goal

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