Microsoft to Share Windows 7 Pre-Beta at PDC and WinHEC

Microsoft has finally decided to call the next Windows client operating system as Windows 7 and promise to share the pre-beta “developer only release” with attendees of PDC and at WinHEC.

Windows 7 is coming soon

Why Call it Windows 7? The reason is because it is the seventh release of Windows. This time they decided to continue with the codename as the final name too. This in unlike previous software naming traditions like years of release (as in Windows 98 /Windows 2000), or version numbers (Windows 3.11) or more stylish names like Windows XP or Vista.

Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is the place to be on Oct 27-30 in Los Angeles to experience Microsofts vision for cloud computing, building applications to bridge gaps between PC, Web, and phone, and see the preview of Windows 7. WinHEC 2008 is also being held from November 4-6 in Los Angeles, and is the best opportunity to stay aligned with Microsoft technology roadmaps and keep up on new product opportunities.

Participate in these conferences, test Windows 7 pre-beta build, and you could be knowing more about Windows 7 than anyone else!

2 comments on “Microsoft to Share Windows 7 Pre-Beta at PDC and WinHEC

  1. Arun Basil Lal says:

    Windows 7, That Name is gonna hit i think. Like Double O Seven (007)

  2. AskYourPC says:

    Seven is one of those catchy names. Anyone know of the significance of seven? Anyways, I hope the performance boost that people claim is true.

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