2008 Weblog Awards: Nominations Open

The Weblog Awards are the world’s largest blog competition with over half a million votes cast in 2007 edition. Now the 2008 Weblog Awards are open for public nominations in 48 categories and you can start suggesting worthy blogs.

The 2008 Weblog Awards

You can nominate your favorite blog in various categories. Since nomination categories are arranged like posts, you need to leave a comment on the award category with name of blog, the blog URL and RSS/Atom feed url (if possible). All anonymous comments will eventually be posted, but authenticated comments will be published immediately.

You can nominate your own blog but remember that the number of nominations a blog receives is irrelevant and only one nomination is enough to get considered. The nomination period will end on Wednesday, November 19, 2008. Voting for selected finalists is expected begin in early December 2008.

Its interesting how blogs are categorized by Technorati authority
Best Major Blog (Authority over 1001)
Best Large Blog (Authority between 751 and 1,000)
Best Mid Major Blog (Authority between 501 and 750)
Best Mid Minor Blog (Authority between 301 and 500)
Best Small Major Blog (Authority between 201 and 300)
Best Small Minor Blog (Authority between 101 and 200)
Best Up And Coming Blog (Authority between 51 and 100)
Best Hidden Gem (Authority between 0 and 50)
Where does your blog fit in?