Learn Google Website Optimizer at Seminars for Success

Seminars for Success is a popular event where users can enjoy a full-day seminar with hands-on training on Google products. Though seminars were being offered for AdWords and Analytics earlier, they have now expanded the scope to Website Optimizer.

Website Optimizer is Google’s free website testing and optimization tool, that lets you test and optimize site content and design, to quickly and easily increase revenue and ROI whether you? re new to marketing or an expert. Why guess what site content and designs best convert your visitors, when you can find out directly from them?

While the AdWords Seminars help you manage your AdWords account more effectively, and the Analytics Seminars help you better leverage the insights found in your Analytics report; the Website Optimizer Seminars promises to show you how to turn your website’s visitors into customers by using Google Website Optimizer to run landing page experiments and help you with Website Landing Page Optimization.

The first Website Optimizer Seminars will be held in the following cities:
December 4 – Alexandria, VA
December 10 – Seattle, WA
January 23 – Las Vegas, NV
February 11 – San Jose, CA

The cost for a full-day seminar is $249 which includes $50 AdWords advertising credit (only for attendees who register at least 7 days before the seminar date), a USB thumb drive with all seminar materials, refreshments, and Google goodies. Remember Seminars for Success are being conducted by independent search marketing professionals who are not affiliated with or employed by Google.

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