View YouTube Videos in WideScreen Format

Youtube videos just got bigger and better with a new widescreen format. Now watching movies and videos in widescreen monitors with full screen options just got better.

Youtube rolled out its new, wider player today with a widescreen aspect ratio 16:9 to provide a cleaner, more powerful viewing experience. They also changed the web design to extended the site width to 960px to accomodate the new player. However they assure viewers that 4:3 aspect ratio videos will play just fine in this new player.

So does that mean that all embedded youtube videos will get wider? I checked that the default embed codes are still the same size as before with a width of 425 px and height of 344 px. Although the videos themselves have not embed code displaying right now, but that should be fixed soon.

But you can change the video size easily by editing the width and height tags of the embed code. This is the standard embed format with 4:3 aspect ratio.

Here is the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio at 468px by 263px settings

And it looks much better.


  1. TechyNews says:

    Maybe I just don’t get it? So you have a camera that can record in wide screen high definition. But when you upload it to youtube it becomes low definition wide screen garbage? Am I wrong here? Maybe youtube should support some higher bitrate uploads. They just wanted the wide screen to put a bigger ad at the bottom ;-)

  2. Louie Parker says:

    Cool! now i can watch youtube videos more comfortable than before.

  3. Herbert says:

    It’s pretty cool; but TechyNews is right, it’s about time for not only the aspect ratio but also quality of YouTube to change (or at least match with Blip.TV, Revver, etc.). Might the placebo effect, but it does look a bit better in widescreen (could also be the fact that the actual video is a smaller size).

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