Performancing Ads Changes Affiliate Terms

Many bloggers promote the Perfomancing Ads network for direct ads sales, but the affiliate program was particularly attractive – $10 for each new publisher or advertiser you refer and 5% recurring revenue on all advertiser ad buys for life.

We also promoted the Performancing ads on prime ad space since the referral count was encouraging and they had a great concept going. But we noticed the payouts were minimal compared to the hundreds of people who joined their network via our referrals.

Apparently there was a hidden clause that “any referrals had to have the code up on a site with a region in place for 30 days” to qualify as a successful referral. They reveal it was put in place to prevent fraud and prevent people from gaming the system, but it was not disclosed publicly. So obviously that clause did drastically reduce the payout for most affiliates.

Now in order to make the system more transparent, Perfomancing ads announced new affiliate terms where you will earn 5% of whatever your referrals buy or sell, ongoing while they remain a member and you keep getting those commissions for each ad they renew or continue to sell.

While this deal is not as attractive as the previous one, its a good step on the part of the management to help generate trust among members and affiliates, and it will surely lead to a more successful program. If you are interested in direct ad sales with 125x125px ads, you definitely should check out Performancing Ads.