How to Create Fake Google Adsense Earnings Screenshots

Beware of huge fake Google Adsense income screenshots being posted in forums by bloggers. You will be surprised how easy it is to create a fake Adsense earnings screenshot without any photoshopping skills and mislead unsuspecting readers.

I had earlier shown you a fake screenshot from our Adsense account boasting our million dollar Adense earnings. Had it been a few hundred dollars, maybe you might have believed it.

million dollars adsense

This an example of how easy it is to edit any web page live in your web browser, and then easily capture a screenshot using Print Screen, or any other screen capturing software. We captured that screenshot using the free Snagit, courtesy a limited time promotion.

Now there is an even easier way using a free online tool called Google Adsense Generator which can roll out a real-looking, but fake Google Adsense earnings screenshot, with all identifying details blacked out, based on the income you specify. It is basically another sign generator, which asks for today’s and yesterday’s income and fills in the same image with the variables you specify.

I spotted several bloggers showing fake Adsense earning screenshots recently and it seems this tool had made this trend even simpler. Obviously if you read some more image manipulation and Photoshop tutorials, you can edit any screenshot and get whatever image output you want.

Summary – This article highlights the fact that it is very easy to create a fake Google Adsense earnings screenshot, so don’t be misled by false claims and unbelievable earnings screenshots. Seeing is believing, but not on the internet!

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