Download Google Earth 5: Explore the Oceans

Download Google Earth 5.0, the latest version is released and promises to provide breathtaking views beneath the seas and oceans of the world. Download Google Earth and check out where the deep oceans lead to.

Google Earth provides amazing satellite imagery, maps, terrain, and 3D buildings. From galaxies in outer space, now you can dive beneath the surface and visit the deepest part of the ocean till the Mariana Trench, go exploring the ocean with top marine experts including National Geographic and BBC, learn about ocean observations, climate change, and endangered species and discover new places including surf, dive, and travel hot spots and shipwrecks.

The new Google Earth 5 also features historical imagery from around the globe, which lets you move back and forth in time to reveal imagery from years and even decades past, revealing changes over time. Its also allows simplified touring with audio and voice recording. Here is an introductory video.

Download Google Earth and start by opening the “Ocean” folder in the Layers panel to explore the 20 content layers from over 100 partners. Double click on the Explore the Ocean layer and it will fly you to my Ocean Overview video and ten focus areas with National Geographic video clips.

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