Download Opera Turbo: Fast Browsing on Slow Internet Speeds

Opera has launched Opera Turbo, a server-side optimization and compression technology that provides significant increase in browsing speeds over slow internet connections by compressing network traffic. If you have a slow internet connection, then Opera Turbo could be the browser feature to look out for.

Opera Turbo uses Opera Web Optimization Proxy, such that though the web sites layout and text look same, image resolution is much lower due to compression. Dynamic Web technologies such as Ajax (XmlHttpRequests) and Flash are supported, but some plugin content will load only after clicking on the empty element.

If privacy concerns are important to you, they point out that encrypted traffic does not go through compression servers, which means that on SSL sites, they let you communicate with the SSL site directly. Opera does not store any users private information

Download Opera 10 preview with Opera Turbo, a time-limited release which can help you test the new technology which might be a boon to developing countries affected by slow internet connections, and poor wi-fi connectivity. If you are troubled by slow internet speeds, check out Opera Turbo, or try the world’s fastest browser.

Update: @ceetee warns that “it does not utilize your bandwidth and makes it slower if you have a faster connection”.

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