Free Phone Call Help by WordPress Experts

Alex King has launched a WordPress Help Center, a real-time WordPress support and help center. Call them, and if their experienced WordPress web developers can answer your queries under 3 minutes, the call is free!

We can answer simple questions about how to create categories and tags, how to use your links list, or we can help you install and/or troubleshoot themes, plugins, etc. and answer questions about your blog. We can also make little modifications and tweaks to plugins and/or themes (change your colors, fonts, header images, etc.) as desired. Best of all, we have real developers answering the phone when you call – you can get answers, right now!

All bloggers need some WordPress blog support off and on. Most of us with self-hosted WP visit the WordPress forums and wait for the helpful WordPress community to share their knowledge and provide free WordPress support. Those on can try the forums and also contact them for support. But what if you need support right now and can afford to pay for the phone call support?

Call WordPress Help Center and phone calls upto 3 minutes are free, limited to one free call per person, per week. But if you cross the free 3 minutes limit, you pay $19.99 upto 25 minutes. They also provide other forms of support on a charged basis. For $14.99 they can help you out with WordPress Upgrade or Plugin / Theme Installation. For $19.99 they can help with WordPress Installation, Theme Tweaks and WordPress Backup

You can call them on 512-788-9236 from Monday-Friday 9AM-7PM PST. Note that WordPress HelpCenter is not affiliated with or sponsored by Automattic, Inc. or WordPress in any way.

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  1. srey sinat says:

    i want to know about free call.

  2. li says:

    hey there, thanks and some great info
    i was looking for it, also in my blog yoore i want to put some stuff on it
    thanks anyway

  3. LacnyWebHosting says:

    Great article, adding it to my bookmarks!

  4. Kit says:

    How do I contact WordPress to order a book? You guys don’t make this easy.

  5. Ali Ahmad says:

    plugin widget is missing , there is no plugin widget in my wordpress widget box . i wants install plugin . can you install it on m blog

  6. Victoria says:

    Help!!! I have been blocked out of my wordpress blog and cannot post. Ten hours have passed and I have no response. Please assist.


  7. Amanda says:

    What if you dont live in the states but Australia?

  8. patricia clark says:

    Put all the relevant details down ie user name, password etc. To be told they are already in use……yes! By me!!! So what can I do to get started. Feeling very frustrated!!

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