Use Apple Mighty Mouse on Windows PC

After my amazing experience with Apple Mac keyboard, I also tried the Apple Mighty Mouse on my Windows PC and was equally delighted with the mouse in terms of quality and compatibility.

Apple Mighty Mouse and Windows PC Compatibility

Mighty mouseMighty Mouse is available as a wireless and wired version. So I checked the site for Mighty Mouse specifications for Windows compatibility, and I found Wireless mouse required Mac OS X v10.4.8 or later while the wired version could work with Mac OS X 10.4.8 or Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Though I use Windows Vista, I guessed it should work (but Apple would have good reasons not to add it there). Though I preferred the wireless mouse, the published compatibility encouraged me to buy the wired mouse.

I realized that though both wired and wireless mouse appear to be similar, there are some key differences – Wireless mouse is a laser mouse, but wired is an optical mouse only.

Mighty Mouse Installation

As I opened the Mighty Mouse box, the packaging was amazing as usual. I held the fine white smooth mouse in my hands, and plugged in the USB cord to my computers USB port. As I moved the mouse, it worked instantly. No software needed.

The left and right keys are not visible and the entire mouse is encased in a nice and smooth white body. But the moment you click the touch sensitive keys, both the left click and right click work just as they should. Though the keys are not as easily clicked as my Microsoft mouse, yet they do a fine job.

Next I test the Scroll Wheel. It is not a bidirectional wheel, but a small pea-sized roller with which you can scroll 360 degrees in any direction! And it works really well once you set the mouse settings on your computer. Press the scroll wheel and the whole front of the mouse depresses to act as a middle click button. May seem a little awkward at first, but now I am used to it.

Then there are 2 force sensing side buttons, which were really hard to press (but maybe that’s why they are called force-sensing) – they worked as the back button by default in our browser.

Try Apple Mighty Mouse

So basically all the mouse buttons and scroll wheel were working as they should by default and was fully compatible with my Windows PC without any software. Now I have been using the Mighty Mouse for a few weeks, and it is working really nice. My major concern is the difficult usability of the hard side buttons. The best feature was the amazing 360 degree scroll wheel, which takes care of all your scrolling needs in every direction (try scrolling diagonally!). The product is of superb quality, like all Apple products are.

Now I have an Apple keyboard and Apple Mighty Mouse running on my Dual Monitor Dell Windows Computer and its just great. Well there are other better computer mouse out there which are cheaper, with more buttons, easier clicking, more ergonomic – but for Windows users looking to try the Apple experience, you can try this mouse as it is well compatible. And the cost is $49 only! You can buy it online from the Official Apple Store.


  1. Ceil says:

    This is the first time I have used a MAC mouse and keyboard in years (since the original Apple). What a wonderful experience! The next computer I purchase will be a MAC.

  2. Lewys Jones says:

    Hi there! I’m on my PC laptop now because my MacBook has run out of battery power. Anyway, my Wireless Mighty Mouse is working perfectly on the laptop which has Windows Vista Business. Also [not to be offensive] but why do people say MAC?

  3. Nho says:

    why do people say “mac”? as in “the macintosh project” that started the whole apple computer thing. the first computer out of apple was the macintosh 128K. hence MAC.

    • robert says:

      I think that Lewys was asking why people feel the need to capitalise mac, a mac is an apple computer (or a coat), MAC is Media Accesability Control, used a a form of addressing on networks, a MAC sticks with the computer, or more accurally the device. the computer i am typing on has 3 MAC addresses (ethernet, wifi, bluetooth) it also has the one from my USB wifi card, but is i plug this card into annother computer, say my mac, my mac would use that MAC address.

      typed interestingly enough on an apple keyboard attached to a windows PC.

    • Racoon says:

      Actually, the first computer sold by Apple was the Apple I, which was sold as a kit computer in 1976. Basically a motherboard and you built your own case. It was followed by the Apple II in 1977.

      The Macintosh 128k didn’t come along until 1984.

      So if some of us who actually owned an Apple II, II+, IIe, or IIc, or Mac 512k “Fat Macs”, or even “Platinum” Mac Plus computers say “Mac” instead of “Macintosh” we’re allowed.


  4. StealthyLoner69 says:

    The Apple MightyMouse is a great thing, and I’m willing to buy a wired version for my Windows Vista Home Premium based laptop. I hope it’s gonna work since it’s a quite expensive mouse compared to usual mouses.

  5. Used Macbooks says:

    When for the first time, I used a MAC mouse, I was not sure about the quality.I also faced problems to install it properly. I wish if I also could have managed such a guide.

  6. Carlos says:

    Thanks! After I read your test I went to bought the fantastic Apple keyboard for my Windows Vista Laptop. It works very well. I only have a problem with some portuguese keys: it´s all there, but some are in the wrong place. Do you know if it is easy to switch some keys without scratch the keyboard?
    Now I´m already thinking to buy the wired mouse. Can you tell me if it works well with the USB port of the apple keyboard?


  7. Martijn says:

    Nice article, I coundn’t agree more.

    Did you find a way to configure the side buttons? I would like to disable them since their behaviour is mostly surprising me.


  8. Dani says:

    The wireless is compatible with windows too, i tried it and it’s work. i use xp profesional and now trying on windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my laptop with billionton bluetooth, it’s work great :)

  9. Connor says:

    do you have the wired or wireless apple keyboard

  10. Mitur Binesdirty says:

    Note, the scroll wheel DOES NOT WORK like it does on the Mac. If fact it does not scroll at all. At least it doesn’t with the apple drivers. I’m trying Microsoft drivers next as this no scrolling business is driving me crazy.

    • Mitur Binesderti says:

      Microsoft drivers are no help either.


  11. Shafie says:

    So you use the Apple mouse and keyboard on a pure PC rite?
    Because I am also interested to get one my self but my other curious is, can I use the wireless one? In this case you use the wired one so I’m afraid if PC doesn’t detect the mouse or keyboard for wireless one.

  12. Dennis says:

    I’m using a wired Mighty Mouse on my Dell since my wireless Logitech mouse started having problems. It worked fine at first, but won’t scroll down any more. I’ve had similar problems using it on a Mac and it just needs to have the wheel cleaned. My main problem is that right-clicks are sometimes read as left-clicks. It’s really annoying when you right-click to mark a mine and it blows up instead! It seems to help if I remove my hand from the mouse after positioning it and touch only the right-click area, but not always. Any suggestions?

  13. Josh says:

    Yeah, I’m getting an old Mighty Mouse and Apple Keyboard off eBay. Can’t wait to get it!

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