Download KOffice 2: Free Open Source Office Suite

Download KOffice, an integrated office suite built on KDE platform. Its a free software which utilizes free and open standards like OpenDocument for its document formats, component communication and component embedding. Now KOffice 2.0.0 is available for download.

KOffice 2.0.0 release marks the end of more than 3 years of work to port KOffice to Qt 4 and the KDE 4 libraries and, in some cases, totally rewrite the engine of the KOffice applications. However, many applications which were part of KOffice 1.6 are not in KOffice 2.0, and are expected to return in 2.1 or 2.2.

Now KOffice uses the OpenDocument Format as its native format, which will guarantee interoperability with other Office packages like and Microsoft Office. Note that all of KOffice is now available on Linux with KDE or GNOME, Windows and Macintosh.

Koffice 2 includes the following applications :

  • KWord – Word processor
  • KSpread – Spreadsheet calculator
  • KPresenter – Presentation manager
  • KPlato – Project management software
  • Karbon – Vector graphics editor
  • Krita – Raster graphics editor

Download KOffice 2. Let the software version 2.0.0 not confuse you as KOffice claims this is a first preview release for developers, testers and early adopters and not for end users. They also do not recommend Linux distributions to package it as the default office suite yet.

Update: KOffice is now shut down.

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