Test Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview

Want to be the first to try Microsoft Office 2010 software? Sign up and Register for the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview and you could be testing Word 2010 or PowerPoint 2010 on your computer in July this year for free.

Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview is a limited, invitation only program, which will enable selected registrants to try pre-release versions of Office 2010 software. You can sign up now and get on the waitlist for invitations to the Technical Preview Program, who will be notified in July 2009. Keep following the Office 2010- The Movie to stay updated.

office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 Suite includes Word 2010, Excel 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Access 2010, InfoPath 2010 and Publisher 2010. Some Office 2010 screenshots have been leaked and you can see what is in store in the next generation Office. Till then you can download the latest Office 2007 SP2 and upgrade your Microsoft Office software.

Microsoft has already released the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, as part of Microsofts Unified Communications family, which promises to lower communications costs, improve user productivity and transform e-mail archiving.


  1. office 2010 says:

    hi, torrents are also available..

  2. Jose Farrugia says:

    There’s a registration code required for the Office 2014 Technical Preview.

  3. ajiboye kayode says:

    i want tobe among the first person will uses Microsoft Office 2010 in my country
    i will be happy if u can send the Microsoft Office 2010 to my email

  4. Ferienwohnung Berlin says:

    I will be happy if u can send the Microsoft Office 2010.

  5. duegan says:

    need to use it on my computer

  6. Mexkanio says:

    slmat siang, brow tolng do…….kirim Win7, office 2010


  7. Alarm System says:

    i use both open office and microsoft office and i would say that microsoft office is more responsive and user friendly ~;:

  8. Issac Weiner says:

    This is a superb piece of writing, I discovered your blog page doing research yahoo for a related subject matter and came to this. I couldnt find to much alternative info on this write-up, so it was great to locate this one. I will probably end up being returning to check out some other articles that you have another time.

  9. jatin says:

    There is not ‘download now’button

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