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How often do you check your blog dashboard for unmoderated comments? If you would prefer a desktop client for moderating wordpress blog comments here is some good news for you. Daniel Dura has released an Adobe AIR desktop client called Moderator which allows you to moderate your blog comments from desktop in real time and without requiring your browser.

Requirements : The Moderator desktop client requires at least WordPress 2.6 + to be installed. Also you will need the Adobe AIR, if you already don’t have it.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Moderator wordpress plugin. Unzip the contents and upload the folder in your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin and go to the Moderator admin page. You will find the link to download the desktop client.
  3. After successful installation of the Moderator client, start the app and fill in your blog url, username and password. You are done.

moderator client

Choose a time interval after which the App will automatically update your blog comments. Simply leave it running in your System tray and the client will update your blog comments in the interval that you have specified. You can Approve and Deny Comments and mark them as Spam as well. The incoming comment notifications are provided in real time and this makes comment moderating a breeze.

moderator wordpress comments

But the creator Daniel Dura says that if you have a large number of comments awaiting moderation (except of the spam messages) then it could slow things down a bit. But it is perfectly OK if you do not get a large number of comments every day.

I have installed this Desktop Client and it works like a dream. Note that you cannot moderate multiple blog comments simultaneously but future releases of the tool are coming soon and Daniel is working to eliminate the need of the WordPress plugin.

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