Which Top Sites Most Blogs Link Back To?

Which are the top sites with highest number of blogs linking to them in the past 30 days? What is the influence of mainstream media sites in the blogosphere? Trust Technorati to answer this.

The Technorati Attention Index lists the top sites with highest number of blogs linking to them in the past 30 days. It takes into consideration not only the Technorati rank, but also Attention (the number of blogs (not the number of links) that have linked to the site in the past 30 days)

Here are the top 10 mainstream media giants that influences the blogosphere

1. YouTube
2. The New York Times
3. guardian.co.uk
4. The Wall Street Journal
5. The Washington Post
6. CNN
7. Telegraph.co.uk
8. Yahoo! News
10. The Los Angeles Times

Bloggers often latch on to news from Mainstream media, which have dedicated journalists and professionals to get the news first, and create thought provoking reviews and promote discussions. Breaking news is what keeps the mainstream media in the lead, and keeps bloggers linking back. Keeping checking the list every month.


  1. venkat says:

    surprise Google and twitter not in list.

    • Sean says:

      Google and twitter are seen as tools for accessing information, but not as producing unique news/stories themselves.

  2. Chuck says:

    Interesting top 10 list. At first I was surprised FOX News Channel wasn’t above CNN or MSNBC because FOX crushes both these networks in the ratings (it’s not even close).

    Then I considered perhaps a majority of bloggers are liberal leaning Democrats who rely on these outlets for their news so the list makes perfect sense.

  3. keidi says:

    I link youtube many times. They are interesting.

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