Best Facebook Usernames Ever!

Which are the best Facebook usernames? While you were grabbing your cool facebook username, someone got an amazing idea and grabbed If you thought that would lead you to the Facebook homepage, you got it wrong.

TC found that this url now officially belongs to Christine Shipley, who got this brilliant idea to get this url instead of being like everyone who was busy grabbing their names, or alternative versions of it with dots, last names, first names, dates, letters and what not. I browsed there for more cool urls.

Tim Lunsford grabbed, which will make people confuse it with WordPress admin login of Facebook, if they have any.

Joan Desautels grabbed, which could be confused with suggested facebook users and surely make a few more friends.

Sergei Polishchuk grabbed, just in case you wanted to confuse it for the facebook service terms or about pages.

Jack Foster got, which could otherwise have led you to Facebook staff and their pages.

Facebook would surely have added lots of usernames to restricted lists, and even after they gave priority to journalists and had strict eligibility criteria, yet they have missed a lot of alternate variations which could be confused with official Facebook Pages. Remember these are not trademarks for which Facebook could block usernames from being taken, or take them back later. Now many people are trying to sell their cool Facebook vanity URLs on Assetize.

There are lot of smart people out there who got real cool usernames. Have you registered a Facebook username cooler than these, let us know in comments…

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