Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Replaces Mini 9 Netbooks

Dell has discontinued its first netbook, Dell Inspiron Mini 9, which was launched just a few months back in September 2008, and is now recommending users try the new Dell Mini 10v instead. So if you want to buy Dell Netbooks, Dell Mini 9 is no longer available on their site.

The Dell Mini 9 had launched recently in September 2008 – with a starting weight of 2.28 lbs, sealed keyboard, solid-state drive (SSD) memory storage, 8.9-inch glossy LED display (1024×600), large keypads, built-in Wi-Fi, built-in Webcam and Bluetooth. Dell has also teamed up with to offer exclusive web-based file storage, access and sharing to Inspiron Mini users, including a free Basic plan with 2GB of remote storage space, expandable to 25GB. Dell Mini 9 was earlier on sale for $349.

Now Dell has retired the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook and recommends users buy the Dell Mini 10v instead which is a better model, and available for a more competitive price of $299!

The Mini 10v features the same processor: Intel Atom N270 at 1.6GHz, the same OS choices: Windows XP and a Dell customized version of Ubuntu, and 1GB of memory. The Mini 10v also improves upon overall ergonomics with a 10-inch display and a bigger, better keyboard (92% of standard), as well as more storage space and options: choice of SSD (16GB) or traditional hard drives (up to 160GB). It appears up to the task of filling the Mini 9 shoes on the “modding” front as well.

Check differences between the Dell Mini 10 & Mini 10v. The “v” in the 10v stands for value. In this video, Brian Pitstick from Dell’s netbook product team details some key features of Dell’s latest entry-level 10″ netbook, the Mini 10v, compared to Dell Mini 9 and Mini 10.

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