Firefox 3.5 is Fastest Firefox Contest

Mozilla claims that Firefox 3.5 is the fastest Firefox ever and you can join the fun by sending them a video of your speediest skill.

Pick your talent (like knitting, flipping burgers, brushing your teeth, etc) and make a 30 seconds video doing your skill as fast as possible and upload it before 21 June 2009. They will compile as many of your clips as possible into a single community video and show it to the world.

Mozilla claims Firefox 3.5 is two times faster than Firefox 3.0 and and ten times faster than Firefox 2.0, based on the results of a SunSpider test of JavaScript performance on a Windows XP machine. You can download Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 right now to experience the faster Firefox ever.

The world’s fastest clapper, Kent “Toast” French joined the fun.

Fastest Firefox: World's Fastest Clapper

You can make any Firefox faster by some simple tweaks. Till now Apple claimed that Apple Safari is the fastest browser, while Opera Turbo claims to give fastest speed on the slowest net connections. Will Google Chrome win the race?

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One comment on “Firefox 3.5 is Fastest Firefox Contest

  1. Nelson DSouza says:

    Opera, Safari, Firefox – Which is the fastest?
    Personally I prefer Opera. Essential plugins should be part of the firefox.

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