How to Stop People Registering Your Facebook Username

Do you know trademark owners can stop people from registering their names as Facebook usernames. Facebook has a form for Preventing the registration of a username for rights holders interested in preventing their trademarks from being registered as usernames.

Remember you can submit that form only when you are owner of this mark or are a person legally authorized to act on behalf of the trademark owner. CNET was informed by a Facebook spokesperson that “the company already has “tens of thousands” of business names and terms on its restricted list, waiting to be assigned. Also on the list are Generic terms and obscenities that will never be used.” Fill that form and get in the restricted list now.

First top journalists jumped the queue and grabbed many Facebook usernames, now many people have reserved trademarks, and most others have eligibility issues especially if you recently created a Facebook account. So you will be really lucky if you get the username of your choice.

Get online on 12:01 a.m. EDT on June 13, and visit and try to grab your Facebook usernames, available on a first-come, first-serve basis for your profile and the Facebook Pages that you administer.

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