Lifetime Hosting Discount Coupon Code for Knownhost VPS

Need a lifetime hosting discount coupon code from Knownhost VPS hosting? Well they released a promo code for that!

The promo code / coupon code KH4LIFE when used on the VS2-VS5 VPS plans, will receive 50% off the first month followed by a 15% lifetime discount. Remember this coupon is accepted on monthly subscriptions only, so if the coupon is used on quarterly or annual payments, they we will cancel the order accordingly.

Hosting companies often keep introducing special coupons and promo codes for limited time periods, which encourages new customers to join, or provides a good opportunity for webmasters to migrate to a new hosting. It is always a good idea to search for working hosting coupons, to get that extra discount before you join a new hosting service.

Our site QOT is hosted on Knownhost VPS hosting and we can vouch for their excellent tech support. Here are some tips to choose the right hosting package.

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