Now Splashpress Rules 9rules!

9rules, a premium blogging network, which showcases the best content of the Independent web, is now owned and controlled by Splashpress Media.


9rules staff (Mike, Scrivs and Tyme) have announced the transition

Why Splashpress? Because not only do they have the people that have a passion for publishing online content, but they also have the resources to make things happen without being too large as to forget the core of what makes 9rules special, the community. Much of the Splashpress team have been fans of 9rules for years so this will only make the transition easier as they understand the purpose of 9rules and why it is important to continue to push quality content to the forefront of the web.

QOT  is also a member of 9rules and we got selected in May 2008 in the round 6. Getting into 9rules was a proud moment for any blog as it was very difficult to get in. I remember how thousands of blogs lined up during the 24 hour submission rounds they opened few times a year.

9rules indeed aggregates the best content in the blogosphere and now lets see how Splashpress will guide 9rules and all its members.

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  1. randy says:

    Are you joking? 9rules hasn’t has decent content for a long time. There lack of objectivity, and their arrogance caused them to go flat. Their design and blogging blog choices were alway good, this blog for instance, but they had poor judement on quality of their blogs in the personal, political and all other caegories. Perhaps that kind of network is just not feasible any longer,there are millions of blogs and 9 rules did not have the edge on the best that they always thught they had. I can’t wait to see what the new owners do with it.

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