Join 99999 Lights Out Campaign

99999-logoThe ‘99999’ Lights out Campaign appeals to people to voluntarily switch off their lights for 9 minutes at 9 pm on the 9th day of the 9th month (September) of the 9th year (2009) of this millennium.

Promoted by Exnora International, the 99999 Lights Out is not merely for saving power for 9 minutes, but it is essentially to rejoice in the success realized during the period, by cutting down your carbon foot print.

Earlier the same organization has promoted the ‘88888’ campaign which encouraged people to switch off  electric lights for ‘8’ minutes at ‘8’ pm on day ‘8’  of the  month ‘8’  (August) of the  year ‘8’  (2008) of this Millennium.

Join in and support the fight against Global Warming. This reminds me of Earth Hour 2009 held on March 28, when people worldwide “Voted for Earth” to stop global warming by simply switching off their lights for one hour. In fact the power saving was so significant that Delhi celebrates Earth Day every 3 months.

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