How to Activate Kaspersky 2010 Using Key File

In this tutorial we will explain the steps involved in activating Kaspersky 2010 using key file. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010 are the latest version of Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Lab added a lot of powerful features in these new versions, but one thing is missing there – you cannot activate Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010 using key file.

Key files or activation codes

Security software makers often allow software activation using key files or activation codes. Consumers often find the activation codes easier to use as it can be easily typed in. On the other hand, key files are machine readable and are available as a .key file. They require special instructions to use and are not so user friendly. The use of key files requires special steps which are outlined in this video on the Kaspersky website.

Because this option is not available in “License” menu, you can only activate kaspersky 2010 using activation code. Maybe it is a temporary bug. It is noticed that sometimes while activating Kaspersky 2010 if you type the wrong activation code, and it can sometimes enable the “Activate Kaspersky using key file” option. Then you can use the key file which came with your valid Kaspersky purchase.

Always use a valid Kaspersky key file to activate kaspersky 2010 obtained via official sites or reputed vendors. Never download it through suspected or super cheap websites … or you might regret it

Guest author Bilal Ahmad is the owner of, where he shares latest news, updates and keys for Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Antivirus. [Modified to comply with ad policies]

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  1. Crazy_Frog says:

    It does not work.

    When trying one of the 2 keys, it comes back to step 3.

    …I just download KIS 2010 today ( 5 december 2009 )

  2. Tooth Fairy says:

    Good walk through but missed a couple of vital steps.

    1. Delete any active trial keys.

    2. Disable any active internet connection.

    …..the it will work flawlessly, even with KIS 2009 keys.

  3. bilal says:

    kindly give me a 1 year license kis?

  4. BD says:

    It doesn’t work with the latest update from kaspersky! even if the key is blocked or incorect… it doesn’t show any option for key files.

    Anyone got around this problem?

    • murali says:

      I purchase a new kaspersky anti-virus2010 licensed.
      the activation code in the kaspersky anti-virus delete the two digits out of twenty .
      then what we do sir
      plese send information my e-mail
      to activate a licensed kaspersky antivirus

  5. ajay says:


    tell me kaspersky “Key” so my kaspersky update

  6. noob says:

    delete the trial key, disable the internet connection, then try. IT works.

  7. rahat says:

    everything is ok.but where to find the active trial key?please answer this one.

  8. sambaa says:

    my key file blocked help me all

  9. dsadasd says:

    ^ yeah the keys via using this method and the beta key method have now been patched, everyone is in the same boat, we need something new!

  10. Elko says:

    thanx a lot sir … but u’ve missed 2 important steps : 1/close the internet connexion 2/delete the present trial versions

  11. flake says:

    doesnt work no more ALTERNATIVE PLSS thax

  12. Siddharth says:

    this one is better ….
    first install kaspersky 2009 internet security and acivate using plenty of key files merging one upon another……..but do not update now…….after that just download kaspersky 2010 internet security and upgrade it …the old keys will work and u dont need to activate it..

    sorry for my poor english

  13. santhosh says:

    hi need kaspersky antivirus 2010 licence key

  14. man_with_eye_hole says:

    Tooth Fairy thanks man… ur idea worked well i just disabled internet connection adapter and then clicked for TRIAL , after saying error , it shown the option for choosing key file….. thanks again…

  15. Spurious says:

    how do i obtain a key file for kaspersky anti virus 2010?

  16. nagaraj says:

    could anyone give one valid key…

  17. Meh says:

    I need a key file plz
    where do I get???

  18. rickyp123 says:

    everything about enabling it is correct the problem is if your key file is in a txt format then u need to find new keyfiles search for torrent file kaspersky blacklist crack 2010 this contains 2 working ones hope this helps

  19. Elmer Bautista says:

    Just disable your internet connection so that the next option windows appear and you can enter your key files.

  20. Syed Taha says:

    Works. But how to update the databases?

  21. Renew Antivirus says:

    It’s very easy to activaton Kaspersky using the keyfile just turn off internet connection and choose trial activation. When kaspersky fail to activate the trial codes it will then leads you to activate using keyfiles.

    However the problem now is that you cannot get Kaspersky keyfiles without contacting your local support to request for the keyfile. This is one of the way kaspersky prevent cross selling of its product from cheap country like india to somewhere else expensive like the USA

  22. akash says:

    kindly anyone give me kaspersky internet security key 2010 which is working for 2 years

  23. leidziboi says:

    how to download key file of kaspersky 2010.

  24. DANNY says:

    can i please request for a KIS key file? tnx a lot in advance and God Bless!!!

  25. Saranya says:

    Hi sir,

    Iam using this kis 2010 for past one year.and it recently expired just give me suggestions to renew it.please..please

  26. jOhnniee says:

    I updaate my KAS 2011 after installation successful and 368 days but blocked after update.
    please can anyone solve this for me parmently.

    thnx to u all

  27. ERlang says:

    hey man where i find the settings “delete the trial version”

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