9rules Removing Member Blogs: Where is Your Leaf?

Is your blog still on 9rules? The premium blogging network is undergoing a transformation and a review of 9rules members in underway to determine if their quality content meets their high standards and the sites conform to their terms of service.


Is your 9rules leaf still there? Members are required to display the 9rules logo, a beautiful leaf on all the webpages of the their blog. But many members were not doing this. This time they have been strict and if the 9rules leaf is not there, then possibly your site is not live on 9rules anymore.

9rules was recently acquired by SplashPress media and Paul Scrivens is back in control and is pushing to restore glory to the 9rules banner.

9rules doesn’t have to be the world leader in blogging or be a name that is recognized by all. 9rules simply needs to be what it does best and that is a place for people who love to write to come together. To do this though requires a lot of changes and one of them you can see over time is the removal of a lot of sites that just don’t match the quality that 9rules represents. One of the best times at 9rules was when we first started with 17 sites and we might very well get back down to that number.

I wish 9rules all the success and hope the new measures they plan help 9rules become the premium blogging network it once was and their 24 hour submission rounds which attracted thousands of blogs would be back.

If you are a 9rules member, then check if your site is still live on 9rules and double-check the 9rules leaf is still hosted on all your blog pages. Our blog QOT is also part of the 9rules Technology section and lets hope we make it across the review.

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