How to Create Facebook Page For Your Blog

Do you know how to create Facebook page for your blog? A couple days ago, I was doing research on my blog’s niche. I wanted to know which social media sites were being used by my audience. Did they have blogs? Were they active on Twitter or forums? Did they participate in MySpace or Facebook?

I found out that Facebook was a popular place to hang out. Also, my referral stats showed that I was getting traffic from Facebook even though I never promoted my blog there. With these things in mind, I created a Facebook Page for my blog. I’m planning to use the page to join the conversation on Facebook. Hopefully, the result will be more traffic and increased branding.

Step by Step Guide to Create Facebook Pages

Here’s a step by step guide for creating your own Facebook page.

1. Log in to Facebook

To create a page, you must have a personal account. If you don’t have your own account, go to the Facebook home page and sign up.

2.Create Facebook Page

Go to Create New Facebook Page. For category, chose “Brand, Product, or Organization” and then scroll down on the drop down menu and choose “Website”. On the next section, enter the name of your page. I just used the name of my blog. Click “Create Page”.


3. Add a relevant image

Move the mouse pointer to the question mark on the left and you’ll see the words “Change Picture” pop up. Click it to add an image related to your blog. I used an image from my header but you can also use your logo or icon.


4. Include information about your blog

Click the “Info” tab and then “Edit Information” on the right.


Type in the relevant information including the date your blog was founded, the URL, and an overview.


5. Import your RSS feed

By importing your RSS feed, your Wall will be populated with your newest posts. Also, it will be updated whenever you publish a new post. Go to the left sidebar and under your picture, click “Edit Page”.


Scroll down until you see the Notes application. Then click “Edit”.


Look to the right and click “Import a blog”.


Enter your RSS feed URL, click the check box, and click “Start Importing”.


Click “Confirm Import” on the right.


6. Write a short blurb about your blog

You’re back on the home page. Look to your right, click the fifth link under the picture, and write a short blurb.


Final Facebook Page

You’re done! That’s all there is to it. Here’s the final product.


Oh, one last thing. Don’t forget to become a fan of your new page.


This is a guest post by Dee Barizo. He blogs about Magic The Gathering at Magic Game Plan. He also has a weakness for celebrity gossip, so he helps manage Celebrific. You can also write articles and do guestblogging on QOT.


  1. Matt Stratton says:

    This is a really useful tip…and I’ve been intending to create a fan page for my blog for a while (I’m using Networked Blogs to promote my blog on Facebook for now).

    The only issue I have, or rather, a question…if you set to import your blog posts to the Notes for your Fan page…won’t that remove traffic to your blog? The users will be reading it on Facebook…and commenting on the note…on Facebook. Not on your blog.

    • Bob says:

      If the full article is being imported in your page definitely what you think will happen.
      I think it’s just the excerpts that will be displayed there, like sharing it to facebook thing. Im not really sure though but that’s what i feel.


  2. KimC says:

    Who ever knew it was so easy? I’ve had a fan page for months, but thought it took a special app to import blog posts and have been doing it manually. Now I can spend that time adding other updates and content to the fan page instead.
    Just took care of it once and for all in 10 seconds.
    Great tip!

    • Cathy says:

      I don’t have a website, I don’t even have the beginning of my blog! Help! I would love to see yours! I am really unsure as to what a blog is? I think it’s where you can put your thoughts, or interests, and if other people see your blog (and I don’t know how they would) they can comment on it, or make suggestions, or simply, just show their interest in what I’m writing. Am I write so far? Now the question is . . . where do I begin? I have read a lot so far, but I am still confused. Any help out there for me?

  3. GlennH says:

    I wish I had seen this post a few days ago. I stubled through the procress and got the feed setup from my blog( but I am not sure I did it 100% correct as I went through “set up a business”. Now I need to go back and compare what I did to this post. Thanks for the detailed post and screen shots.

  4. Dee says:


    I have it set up to just show an excerpt of the post so they still have to visit my site to see the whole post.

  5. Brisbane Web Design says:

    Very informative post! i was wondering if you guys have tried adding “boxes” which it looks like it lets you add plain html code on ur fb page?

  6. Lynn says:

    Thanks for this awesome post. It made it so easy to set up.

  7. Ron says:

    Any idea how to get Facebook to keep updating after the initial import? Hasn’t been working for months.
    It works on Profiles, but not on Pages.

  8. charles says:

    Thanks for these wonderful tips, just did it and its working perfectly, but it also got me wondering if there’s a way that i can also automatically import posts from my facebook page to my blog, you know, kinda do the reverse of what you have explained so that both my blog and my facebook page are able to automatically update each other?

  9. David Vangoes says:

    Hello Dee, thanks for your post.I was amazed at how easy it was to set up. Up until now I have been uploading my posts using the attachment link on the wall. Using your directions I have one less daily job to do. Thanks again David

  10. Felicity says:

    Thank you SO much for this clear and concise, step-by-step tutorial.
    You are a genius!


  11. Margaret says:

    I cannot find the “Notes” section. Can you please help. Did Facebook change?

  12. Cat says:

    Many thanks for this clear and concise guidance. Using this, I set up a Facebook page in 2 minutes. Brilliant!

  13. Angela says:

    Help – how do you set it so it only imports a portion of your feed. Is it a Facebook setting or a Feed setting? Also, I am trying to add the like to my blog, but can’t located a Page Name to edit so that I don’t get a box for platform.


  14. ardo says:

    Thanks for sharing tutorial “Create Facebook Page For “Your Blog

  15. Jay says:

    Is there a way to configure Facebook to grab an excerpt that you define for a particular WordPress post? Instead of just grabbing the first 100 or something words from the blog and posting it on the Facebook Wall? I would like it to look cleaner.

  16. Sarah says:

    Very helpful post. Step by step instructions…. thank you :-)

  17. Crystal says:

    Possibly I’m just dense, but I can’t find any place on the page that says Notes. Did Facebook change this, or am I just blind?

  18. Katie says:

    Thank you – this was really helpful. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and just did it really quickly! Thanks

  19. Web Design Bundaberg says:

    I will be adding a facebook page for a couple of sites, as i am not a facebook enthusiast reading your step by steps makes it much simpler – especially the RSS info.


  20. Salil says:

    I’ve already done this easy part, now for the difficult one. I wish to create a page that shows a bright images that induces clicks on the Like button. Once the user clicks Like, I want him to be redirected to another page. Can anyone help in this?

  21. Justin says:

    Great info, I will be setting up a facebook page using this guide thanks

  22. Andrew Beatty says:

    Thanks. This post just saved me a lot of time. Your step by step guide is perfect.

  23. Rebecca Phillips says:

    Thank you so much! I was looking for something that would show it to me in a way I could follow it. Will do it tonight!

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