Dream Technology for Your Home Office

This article is for those who want to equip their home office with the latest and greatest in home office technology. Some people are happy with just a pencil and paper in their home office, and then there are those of us who want to have every new gadget that hits the market … if that’s what you need then read on.

Large Flat Screen Televisions

Heard about Samsungs new 102 inches TV! You’re either thinking, that’s not the latest and greatest in home office technology, I’ve had one for ages or you’re thinking why in the world do I need a television in my home office? No matter which side of the fence you’re sitting on, you’d better jump to the side that has a huge flat-screen HDTV in your home office, if you want to be on the cutting edge of home office technology.

LCDs are getting better all the time and their benefits are quickly outweighing the benefits of a plasma screen so this may be the best option for a wall-mounted unit in your home office. Skip the 3D television hype and spend your money more wisely; sure 3D is fun to think about but in reality, it’s uses are very limited and until everyone starts shooting in 3D it’s just not a smart buy.

Wireless USB to VGA

usb to vgaOkay, maybe we should have assumed that you’d have a television in your home office – you tech guru, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume you have a computer. Combine the two with a wireless USB to VGA unit and suddenly you can wirelessly stream video and audio.

How easy and convenient is that?! This is not only great for the home office but for home theaters, classrooms, conference rooms and just for showing off.

Pictionaire Office Desk

Microsoft is working hard at producing a Pictionaire that may become the new office gadget of the future. The prototypes show how the product will work but it is basically an iPad on a grand scale, an iDesk if you will.

Not only can you work with images set onto the Pictionaire but you can also connect a wireless keyboard and the table becomes your display screen. The future implications of this technology and what it may generate could be huge and could shape the way people compute around the home in the future.

Light Tape

light tape

You can task light any area you’re working in your home office, you can separate areas by color coordinating them and you can just prove how truly cool and hip you are with light tape.

Desktop Tooth Whitener

teeth-whiteningReally, what home office is complete without a desktop tooth whitener? Yes, they seriously make one of these little gizmos and apparently it works.

So outfit your home office with a desktop tooth whitener and while you’re working away or sitting around paying bills, you can also be whitening your teeth.


pogoplugWhether the cloud is the wave of the future or all hype, it is definitely something techies are talking about today. So why not have your own cloud?

The Pogoplug lets you do just that by giving you the ability to share content from a hard drive across the internet. Sure you probably don’t need it but how cool is that?

Solar Powered IllumiCharger

illumichargerThe solar powered IllumiCharger soaks up light energy, even ambient light, and creates enough energy that it can charge up your USB gadgets grid free.

Not only is this an energy saver and an efficient way to charge your technology but it also is made of recycled and corn based plastics, and comes with waste-free packaging. It may work a little less efficiently than you want but it’s got a lot of green appeals and will impress your eco-conscious friends and guests.

Canvas Clock

canvas clockEvery home office needs a clock and a little artwork, so why not combine the two. I love this canvas clock so much I may actually buy one.

What initially looks like a traditional piece of artwork on a canvas frame is pretty amazing as one realizes that it actually keeps time.

The entire thing is a picture except for the clock’s hands. Sure it’s not the latest in technology but it’s one of those fun gadgets that is fun to look at and creates a buzz among others.

This is a guest post from Mike Caldwell of Bari Leather Furniture. If you enjoyed this article you can also check out their guide to shopping tips on how to decorate your living room. Photo by mkosut under CC.

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