How To Send Free SMS Text Messages From Any Computer

Do you know how to send free SMS text messages? Text messages are a daily part of our lives. They let us communicate with people in seconds without having to call and waste precious breaths. You may think we are lazy for liking them but I think they are convenient. I actually would like to give the inventors a pat on the back.

But what if you lost your mobile phone? What if you ran out of messages. What if another problem occurs and you cannot use your cellphone or aren’t in reach with it. Luckily if you have a computer and an email address you are saved.

Send Free SMS Text Messages

  1. Go to your nearest computer and open up to your email service
  2. Get the number and mobile service provider of whoever you want to text messages
  3. Once you have that go to this list of carriers providing SMS transit and scroll down till you reach their mobile service provider.
  4. Once you have reached it, write down the email address you have to email to
  5. After you’ve done all of that, go back to your email and write up a new message
  6. In the “To:” section write for example,, as with the area code
  7. Put what ever is in the “Subject:” section and just write the message normally
  8. Click “Send” once your done

Now you can go back to text messaging even without a phone and with no hassle.

This was a Guest Post by Edwin who loves technology, blogging and the internet. He writes about all of this on his tutorial blog Guide Goods.


  1. WorldTexting says:

    Or simply go to and send free sms right from your computer. You get replies as well, its a great free text messages website.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    That good but all are in old procedure, I think we should advance way which will be more useful and time consuming.

  3. Hedberg says:

    I always get a kick out of doing this to my friends who have unlimited texts. I will email them a super long and 100% correctly spelled message, without using shortcuts like “U” instead of “You.” Always makes them wonder how I did it the first time, as they are used to messages like “R U ok”…

  4. Steve M Nash says:

    Interesting article on free sms sending. What you’re referring to is email to sms, and there are many free sms sites – especially for the US – where your instructions are all automated, and you just have to type your message into a form and click send.

    There are many places where this email to sms doesn’t work, like in UK where I live.

    So my best, if not impartial, advice would be to find a free sms site for the country you want to send your texts to. And you can do that via the free sms diretory I own called! :-)


  5. Matthew says:

    Does anyone know how companies get text aliases? Like text ‘5434’. 5434 isn’t a full number. How do they get that mapping?

  6. Dennis says:

    This works for me. Thanks so much for sharing. It will be pretty useful, that’s for sure.

  7. Ivan says:

    I use pidgin with the googlesms plugin. That way, I have a consistent number to which my friends can reply. Also, if pidgin isn’t on when I get a text to that number, it gets sent to my gmail account as an email.

  8. mckinnley says:

    hey guys i have a much easier way to text to any phone from a computer. i use this method all the time and it works really easily and fast. all you have to do is use AIM or any other program that uses aim (personally i use pidgin but digsby and other programs are just as good). click “add buddy”
    now let’s just say that the person’s phone number is 1(234)567-8901 (it has to be the full 11 digits)
    under the buddy name type +12345678901 and then give them an alias like “greg phone”
    there you go, write to that person through the regular IM boxes and they can respond to you, you’ll never even notice that they’re on the phone, it will seem as if they’re on the computer aswell. they can respond to you and if they save the number they received the text from, they can start talking with you, provided that you’re online.
    it’s pretty cool and it’s way easier and faster than anything that i’ve read on this(besides ivan’s comment)

  9. surendra says:

    free sms vodafone to any

  10. chetan kambli says:

    Receive SMS in your inbox without a mobile. Get rewarded for sending free sms,SMS2MINT is one stop shop for all your personal free sms needs.

  11. Niicke says:

    I was not aware that it was possible to send free SMS messages over the Internet, this will make my life easier.

  12. txtPoint says:

    offers sending and receiving free text messages to/from almost any provider in North America

  13. SMS4vn says:

    . Free SMS for everybody worldwide

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