Wannabe Millionaire: Confessions of a Newbie Blogger

Wannabe Millionaire? I am sure you wouldn’t mind becoming one, right? On a lot of blogs you can find tips and tricks explaining newbie bloggers how to earn a six figure income in the first year. Their stories of success are appealing, and a good number of how-to-make-money blogs are drawing a big crowd of followers that are after the same thing; Money.

It’s amazing really, stop for a second and think about the amount of money that people spent by just being online and clicking on Google ad-sense or by buying an e-book explaining how-to-make-your-first-million. Surely Google and other major advertising companies are the big winners in this game, and we all want our little share.

My reasons for blogging is derived from the above, how do they earn money, and is it really true that by blogging you can have a six-figure income? What is the truth behind all of this?

Reacting on an impulse I started my blog on January the 27th 2010, suddenly I had the need to try it myself. And my goal is ‘simple’; investigate the possibility if it is feasible for an absolute newbie to start making money blogging. Amazingly enough the domain-name www.wannabemillionaire.com was up for grabs and it suits my goal perfectly. So here I am, fresh out of the box, a compulsive attention seeking blogger and in a great need for traffic.

Ah yeah, traffic, the magic word, traffic. It’s so much advertised on so many blogs, that very quickly, in my mind, it became a synonym for millions of dollars. But getting traffic is not so easy, and wait a minute, very quick it dawned on me that traffic is the least of my problems. Because what about my blog, what about layout, content, structure, marketing and software?

The vast amount of information that I as a newbie had to absorb in a matter of hours is astonishing. My impulsive reaction to go after a few bucks proved to be very time consuming … But … it is fun, I enjoy doing it and will enjoy it for the coming time. Luckily for me I learn fast, if I may say so. The blogging business, I rapidly discovered, is not just putting a few words together and publish them. You, as a blogger, are the CEO of a very complex company that, in most cases, requires more techniques in marketing and advertising than, let’s say starting your own shop at the corner of a street.

You are the CEO, CFO, COO and CTO of your online company. Both as a beginner and expert, you need to have a strategy. Ever thought of formulating a marketing plan/strategy for your blog/website? It never crossed my mind when I was thinking about blogging. But, as a blogger you need to think of so many things. Currently, I am following the tips and tricks that I find online and use it to promote my blog and gain more exposure. Which is another matter of importance we all want, and desperately are seeking to acquire, exposure.

To be frank, I read somewhere that guest writing is a good thing, and that it will boost your exposure online. So, here I am, exposing my blog and my true motivations with all of you. By the way, some lost souls managed to find my blog since I created it last week, but all they do is stare at the index page and click away. According to many money-making-blogs this is something Google does not like, it has something to do with bounce rate. It crossed my mind to link inside my blog to sexy pictures, just to get rid of bounce rate, but I wonder if that would be ethical…

Anyhow, I just started my blog and I have a lot to learn and a lot of information to digest. Right now, I am not happy with my layout, I would like to have more traffic and surely more content is needed. There are a lot of things I need. But the journey has started, and I will investigate if it is possible for an absolute newbie to start earning in the trade, using free online advice and techniques.

Let the journey begin!

Oh, almost forgot (still being a newbie), I read on many blogs it’s a good thing to involve the audience, so here goes;  What is your opinion about those money making blogs, don’t you agree that they are after making money for themselves by trying to lure money out of your pocket? Did you have a marketing plan when you started out, do you have one now?

Guest author Wannabe blogs about the struggles all wannabe millionaires are facing, is the truth out there…? You can also write guest articles and share your experiences.


  1. Vivek @ InfoEduTech says:

    Nice share. Being a millionare is always a dream of everyone and getting article on this is quite nice. Hope i could generate money from my blog also.

  2. Wannabe says:

    Being a millionaire would be extremely nice, but not my goal with my blog though. Its more an adventure and sort of an investigation to see what a complete newbie can accomplish among the blog-giants :)

  3. Pablo says:

    Well… Believe it or not, you could say that I am already a millionaire: While I am not Donald Trump, I do far, far better than most people, have a house in South America, another in Europe, a swimming pool, an airplane, a cabin by a lake and all that stuff, and also have more free time and can do more things that I like, but let me tell you something: Keeping money is actually harder than making it. Any drug dealer or politician can make a profit, but becoming a millionaire or furthermore, an aristocrat, and staying so is quite a different thing. If you want to make and keep a small or big fortune you have to think in the long run, be patient and be very careful to learn from your mistakes, especially for those related to the temptation of spending or showing off what you have. Being rich is a state of mind, not a matter of pocket depth.

  4. Ben says:

    How about buying one of these multi-million dollar UAVs with all that money? :P

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